Other Initiatives

Adaptation To Climate Change Presentation by Deborah Harford

Highlands Council received a presentation from Deborah Harford, Executive Director, ACT on Adaption to Climate Change.  View the PowerPoint Presentation here

Adapting to Climate Change on the BC Coast – Video Series Produced by the Province

Adapting to climate change can be manageable if it is planned early, and if it is implemented in small steps. Our relationship with water will be central to our adaptation to climate change. This video series provides an introduction to living with climate change on the BC Coast, with special attention to three subject areas:

  • Coastal Flood Management – examples of adaptation to sea level rise
  • Rainwater Management – examples of adaptation to changed precipitation and stormwater patterns
  • Water Conservation – examples of adaptation to seasonal droughts

British Columbia Hydro

(from their website)

Free energy savings kits:  Available for low and moderate income households.

If your household income falls within a certain range, you can get a free energy saving kit delivered right to your door. Energy saving kits can help you make your home more comfortable and energy-efficient all year.

Each kit includes simple, energy-saving products that you can install yourself. The products will help you seal up drafts in your home, save on your lighting costs, and reduce your home's water use.

The kit contains:

  • LED bulbs
  • Weatherstripping to reduce drafts around windows and doors
  • High efficiency showerhead
  • Water-saving tap aerators
  • LED night light
  • Fridge and freezer thermometer
  • Step-by-step instruction guide to help you install each product

Home renovation rebates:  Planning a renovation and don't know where to start?

BC Hydro can provide you tips and resources to get you started in your renovation, and help direct you to the rebates that may apply to your household project. 

Rebates offered include:

  • Heat pumps - up to $2,000
  • water heating - up to $1,000
  • insulation - up to $5,500
  • energy efficient windows and doors - up to $1,000

Capital Regional District Recycling and Composting

The Capital Regional District offers a variety of recycling and composting information.

Capital Regional District - New Fuel Switching Incentive Program

The Capital Regional District (CRD), City of Victoria and District of Saanich are partnering with EfficiencyBC to offer up to 2,700 in rebates to residents who switch from a fossil fuel-powered home heating system to an electric heat pump.


The Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program (CARIP) was a conditional grant program that provided funding to Climate Action Charter (Charter) signatories equivalent to 100% of the carbon taxes they pay directly. This funding supported local governments in their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and move forward on achieving their Charter goals. Making the District's reports public by posting it on the District's website, fulfilled one of the requirements for the District to be eligible for this grant.  This program was discontinued for 2022 and replaced with the Local Government Climate Action Program. (See Below) 

Public Reports

Climate Action Charter

Under the Charter, local government signatories commit to:
  • Becoming carbon neutral in their corporate operations
  • Measuring and reporting their community's greenhouse gas emissions
  • Creating complete, compact, more energy efficient communities
Measuring emissions has its challenges and will continue to improve and become more consistent over time.  Highlands' community emissions have been measured and reported in the 2012, 2014 and 2016 Indictors Reports. 

For the following reporting years in comparison with the base year of 2007, the Capital Regional District (CRD) prepared community level GHG emissions inventories for its member municipalities. Highlands’ profile can be found in chapter 7 of each document: 

Energy Savings Incentives for Residents

City Green Solutions  is an enterprising non-profit with a mission to excite, inspire and lead British Colombians in finding innovative home and building energy efficiency solutions. They offer EnerGuide home evaluations and more. See City Green services and programs page for more details.

Please also see Climate Friendly Incentives and Rebates for Residents.

Local Government Climate Action Program
Initiated in 2022 to replace the Climate Action Revenue Incentive Program, this provincial program provides funding for Modern Treaty Nations and local governments to plan and implement actions that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions, create new opportunities for people in the clean economy and prepare communities for future climate impacts. It encourages local alignment with provincial and federal policies such as the CleanBC Roadmap to 2030, the Climate Preparedness and Adaption Strategy and the federal 2030 Emissions Reduction Plan.

Public Reports: