Highlands District Community Association

Purpose & Operations

The Highlands District Community Association (HDCA) was registered in 1965 as the Highland District Ratepayers Association under the British Columbia Society Act. The current name was adopted a few years later to indicate all residents and property owners are eligible for membership. The HDCA provides opportunities for social, cultural, and educational activities.

The HDCA is governed by its constitution, bylaws, and the British Columbia Society Act. The purpose of the HDCA is “to determine democratically the wishes of property owners and permanent residents of the Highland Land District of the province of British Columbia, and, accordingly take appropriate action to preserve or improve the amenities of the Highland Land District.”

The HDCA encourages new members and new ideas. Please consider becoming a member of this volunteer organization. 

Board of Directors

The HDCA constitution requires a minimum of seven directors to be elected at the annual general meeting (AGM) in April. The Board of Directors, which must include a chair, vice chair, treasurer, and recording secretary, oversees the association’s operations and finances.

Membership Fees

There are currently a range of membership fees offered to Highland’s residents or property owners. HDCA membership dues are:

  • Family: One year $10, three years $20
  • Individual: One year $5, three years $12, Life $50

Your membership cheque can be made out to Highlands District Community Association, and mailed to the address above. Please also include your printed name, address, and email address in order that we may notify you of our annual general meeting.

Where Do My Membership Fees Go

Membership dues help support the publication and bulk mailing of at least two issues per year of “The Highlander.” The Highlander is bulk-mailed to all Highlands mail boxes so that most residents may participate with the HDCA, whether members or not.

Memberships and volunteers’ resource contributions also assist in HDCA events and activities being offered to everyone in the Highlands, including:

  • Annual Easter Egg Hunt for children (Pike House)
  • Annual Kids’ Halloween Gathering (Pike House)
  • Annual Community Cleanup of public land and municipal parks
  • Highlands Summer Markets
  • Kids' nature events and hikes
  • Speakers Series, where guest speakers present on topics of interest
  • Highlands Emergency Local Preparedness (H.E.L.P.), an HDCA initiative to form neighbourhood groups for emergency information, and potential of neighbours helping neighbours in an emergency
  • Public information sessions such as the “Storm Forum” and “Wildland Urban Interface”

The HDCA may work in conjunction with the District of Highlands on public information projects. The HDCA is pleased to acknowledge support from the Council to cover the association’s insurance needs.