Alternative Approval Process

UPDATE - May 16, 2016

 The Alternative Approval Process closed on May 16, 2016.  The District received six (6) Elector Response forms.  This means that Council may proceed with adoption of Bylaw 382, 2016 and the process for borrowing funds for the fire tender and construction of the apparatus bay at the West Fire Hall will proceed to the next steps.
Report Received by Council on May 18, 2016

Superior Shuttle Accreditation Information

In February, 2016 Highland residents received an information brochure regarding Council’s desire to 
improve the Highlands fire insurance rating through Superior Shuttle Accreditation (SSA). The brochure asked residents to report their support or concerns to the District. 
In total the District received 14 responses by email or Face Book comments. Nine of those emails were in favor of moving forward with the accreditation; one was not in favour, although it was recognized that there would be an overall saving to the individual; and four were of a general nature neither supporting nor not supporting.
The District has been working towards two accreditation processes with the Fire Underwriters Association (FUS) to increase its FUS rating and to lower house insurance rates for most of Highlands residential properties. In 2015, the District modified the water source at the Red Cedar Court dry hydrant location as per Golder and Associates recommendations to satisfy the first accreditation process. 
The second accreditation process is purchasing an additional tender with 2000 gallon capacity and 
constructing a 1000 square foot post disaster built apparatus bay addition to the West Hall to house the new vehicle.
In order to achieve the second process the District must borrow $500,000. Council has given Bylaw 382, which authorizes the District to proceed with this borrowing, three readings and the District has received ministerial approval for the bylaw. 
The next step is to receive approval from the electors of the District of Highlands. For this approval Council has authorized proceeding with the Alternative Approval Process (APP). If the APP is successful (Council receives petitions from 10% of eligible voters) then Council must obtain assent of the 
electors (referendum) which would cost upwards of $12,000. 
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