FireSmart Information

More and more people are becoming familiar with the term “interface fire.” An interface fire is a forest fire (also called a wildfire) that has encroached upon or otherwise threatens a residential area. 

Because of our increasingly hot, dry, longer summer weather and our proximity to heavily fueled forests, Highlands homeowners may need to take preventative measures to protect themselves and others from encroaching wildfires.

The FireSmart Home Owners Manual issued by the BC Forest Service–Wildfire Management provides an excellent set of guidelines for what can be done to best prepare your yard and home for the fire season.

Would you like to know what your potential risks your home faces should an interface fire situation develop in Highlands.  Here is a Site Assessment and a an Area Assessment checklist, which is included in the FireSmart guide, which will help you do an assessment of your property.

District of Highlands Receives FireSmart Grant in 2016
To improve the condition of your home and property the District of Highlands applied for a received a FireSmart Grant ($10,000) from UBCM under their Local Government Program Services, Strategic Wildfire Prevention Initiative.  

The grant funds are to be used as follows:

  • $2,000 towards a workshop designed to inform the community on how to maintain a wildfire safe home
  • $2,000 towards roadside pick-up of debris from private residences that have put into action some FireSmart initiative on their property (clearing debris, brush and certain tree limbs)
  • $6,000 to be used to reimburse Highland residents (each resident could receive up to $200) who have hired a FireSmart consultant to proved them with a FireSmart plan for their private property

Highlands will post information on these initiative up when that information becomes available.

FireSmart Your Home Presentation

Highlands Community Wildfire Protection Plan
In 2009 B.A. Blackwell and Associates Ltd. were retained to assist the District in development a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).  The CWPP provides the District with a framework that can be used to review and assess areas of identified high fire risk.  Additionally, the information contained in the report can guide the development of emergency plans, emergency response, communication and education programs.  

Wildfire Presentation

For information from the BC Forest Service--Wildfire Management Branch, visit their website.