Asset Management


In May 2023 and update to the Reserves and Surplus Policy was approved.

Reserves and Surplus Policy Amendment - Growing Communities Reserve Fund


In June 2022 updates to the Asset Management Policy and Reserves and Surplus Policy were approved.

Asset Management Policy - Updated June 2022
Reserves and Surplus Policy - Updated June 2022


The draft Plan updates various values and pavement management information and incorporates a new drainage inventory.
In 2022 minor updates to the Asset Management Policy and Reserves and Surplus Policy components of the asset management strategy will be brought forward.
November 2021 Updated Asset Management Plan


Good progress on implementation has been made during 2018 and into 2019:

1.    A separate infrastructure tax levy was established,

2.    An updated taxation policy that included an infrastructure funding strategy was approved,

3.    A new Reserves Policy was approved to align with the Asset Management Strategy,

4.    A Pavement Management Plan is in final stage of development after detailed road analysis work was completed,

5.    Transfers  to  reserves  in  the  2019  Financial Plan  were  aligned  with the  Asset  Management Strategy, and

6.    The process to develop and align the Asset Management Plan with a Long-Term Financial Plan was begun.

The 2019 proposed plan is an update of the Asset Management Plan adopted by Council in 2018 and reflects the following adjustments:

1.    Replacement cost estimates for asset categories have been updated to 2019 values. Generally, this reflects an inflationary increase of 5% over 2018 values,

2.    Priority  roads  have  been  identified  from  the  draft  Pavement  Management  Plan.  Road  top estimates have been updated. An RFP for the first of priority road works is being prepared,

3.    Transfers to reserves have been matched with approved transfers in the 2019 Financial Plan,

4.    References to the Groundwater Protection Measures Implementation work planned for 2019 have been updated, and

5.    References to remaining next steps in asset management implementation have been updated.

The District is currently funding approximately 58% of sustainable infrastructure replacement needs and uses accumulated road reserve and federal gas tax funds to complete road top replacement while taxation funding is gradually increased over time.

June 2019 Updated Asset Management Plan.


The District was successful in securing the FCM grant and part of the work resulting from this funding included undertaking a pavement condition survey and developing a Reserves and Surplus Policy.  

A pavement condition survey was undertaken and it is now intended to be incorporated into the Five Year Financial Plan.

In additional to the pavement assessment The Brentwood Advisory Group also introduced a Reserves and Surplus Policy that reflects the Districts current approach to reserves management, incorporates the strategy envisioned in the Districts Asset Management Plan and allows for flexibility in the future.

The presentation on the Reserves and Surplus Policy can be seen here:  Link

February 2018

Asset Management is an integrated process bringing together planning, finance, engineering and operations to effectively manage existing and new infrastructure to maximize benefits, reduce risks and provide satisfactory levels of service to community users in a socially, environmentally and economically sustainable manner.  Assets included in the plan are manufactured assets such as buildings and roads and will also include the Districts groundwater resource.   

The District’s Asset Management Plan outlines a long term approach for capital renewal investment.  To provide clarity and transparency, as a next step  an Asset Management Levy will be introduced to the tax notice in 2019.  This levy will identify the portion of the property taxes that are dedicated to infrastructure renewal. This will need to  increase over a ten or fifteen-year period to reach sustainable levels. Council will be considering a policy approach to funding asset management in 2019.

Funding to begin the process of implementing the District’s Asset Management Plan is included with a transfer to reserves for future infrastructure replacement.  With a focus on the road system for 2018, a Road Surface Profile and Pavement Management Plan is funded, along with road resurfacing and shouldering. 

The February 2018 Council approved Plan and Policy may be found here:  Plan | Policy