South Highlands Local Area Plan

PlanningAs part of Council’s 2019-2023 Strategic Plan, the South Highlands Local Area Plan is officially underway. At their July 15, 2019 Meeting, Council approved the following Terms of Reference and Overview for the project, which includes a Task Force. 

·    Approved Terms of Reference (link)

·    Project Overview (link)

The first phase of the project is to determine what/where is South Highlands and outline the details of contents for the plan. The second phase is to create the South Highlands Local Area Plan. 

Task Force

This project will use a Task Force for both phases. Participants will ultimately be selected by Council and will be based on an application process that seeks to achieve a broad range of views. Check back at this web site for updates about being a member of the Task Force.  

Next Steps...

Over the summer and into September 2019, the following will happen:

·    Staff will conduct a request for proposals to find a consultant to conduct the project. This will be posted on BC Bid (link). 

·    Advertising and collecting applications for Task Force members. This will be posted on the District’s web site, advertised in the Goldstream Gazette, and notice emailed to all Select Committee members, including e-members and Highlands District Community Association Members. 

Recommendations to Council in both regards are expected to be made in October 2019. 

Links to Background Information: 

·    July 15, 2019 Council Minutes 

·    July 15, 2019 Staff Report to Counci