Burning Permits


The District of Highlands has moved to an online permitting process for ALL OPEN BURNING.

All permits may be applied for here:


Burn permits are required year round for all burning.  Burning Permits are free.

Campfire permits (max size .5m x .5m) and Open Air permits up to 1m x 1m are automatically approved, Open Air permits exceeding 1m x 1m are manually approved.

Note:  There is no longer an "open season" for burning - all residents are always required to obtain a burning permit prior to burning as per Bylaw No. 264.

The following conditions apply to all burning permits:

  • No person shall light or start, or knowingly permit, or cause to be started or ignited, a fire of any kind, whatsoever, in the open air at any time in the Municipality without first obtaining a burning permit from the Fire Chief.
  • The holder of a burning permit under this section shall ensure that an Adult is in charge of the fire while it is burning or smoldering, and until it is completely extinguished, and shall supply that Adult with sufficient tools and equipment, ready access to water to effectively prevent the fire from getting out of control or becoming dangerous.
  • No person holding a burning permit shall start or continue to allow a fire to burn when wind and weather conditions are such that to do so is likely to be hazardous or to create a nuisance.
  • No person who holds a burning permit shall start or continue to allow a fire to burn except during the hours authorized by the permit.
  • Every person who starts an outdoor fire who fails to completely extinguish such fire or manage it in such a way that it requires a response from the Fire Department to extinguish it shall be responsible for the costs associated to extinguishing the fire based upon the prevailing charge-out rates for equipment and personnel as may be established from time to time.
  • No person may burn oil, tar, rubber, plastic, vinyl, fertilizers, chemicals, tires, creosote, wiring insulation, petroleum products, household garbage or any material which produces or may produce toxic or heavy smoke.

Additionally, please read Terms and Conditions contained in the online permits as each individual permit contains different terms.  

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