Climate Friendly Rebates and Incentives


As part of the Climate Leadership Plan approved by Council in November 2020, one of the priority actions included promoting existing rebates accessible to residents and property owners. Please note that the programs listed below may not be exhaustive. In addition, these incentives and rebates are offered externally to the District and availability of funds and qualifying terms are subject to change.


Transportation of goods services is the most significant source of GHG emissions in Highlands. Emissions in our community are estimated to have grown over 20% since 2007 mostly due to an increase in emissions from motor vehicles for on-road transportation. 

Active, Public, and Shared Transportation Rebates

Electric Vehicle (EV) Rebates:

  • Plug In BC  For detailed current information on incentives, support for first-time EV owners, and public charging stations.
  • SCRAP-IT Program  When you “scrap” your old vehicle for an electric one or e-bike or other mode of transport, has some offers. The vehicle rebate program will not be continued for 2022. Please see  for transit, e-bike and other options. 

Additional Resources: 

Electric Vehicle Charging Rebates:


Fossil fuel heating systems such as propane, natural gas, oil and diesel, as well as wood heating, result in GHG emissions.  Due to BC’s supply of low-emission hydroelectricity, electricity results in a relatively small amount of emissions. Incentive programs are available to reduce barriers to decommissioning fossil fuel heating systems and replacing them with low carbon heating systems such as high efficiency electric heat pumps as well as other building efficiency upgrades.

CleanBC Better Homes is BC's online hub for homeowners to access information, incentives and support to reduce energy use and carbon pollution in new and existing homes.  There are numerous rebates currently available across a wide variety of retrofits, so use this Rebate Guide to get started, or access the Rebate Program Table for a summary of all rebates available.

A free Energy Coach Service can be accessed through a phone and email hotline if you have questions about specific rebate programs, home energy upgrade options, EnerGuide home evaluations, or need additional information or assistance. Contact the free Energy Coach Service at 1-844-881-9790, or visit

  • For resources and incentives for commercial, institutional, and multi-unit residential buildings, go to CleanBC Better Buildings at 

Some Examples of Clean BC Better Home Programs:

Bring It Home 4 the Climate offers support for making your home climate-friendly through: 

Other Incentives: